Timeline of Michael’s life

YearWorld and Church eventsMichael’s life
1929The Great Depression, a decade-long global economic crisis, begins.
1930Born in Shenington, near Banbury, Oxfordshire
1931Oxford University tutor CS Lewis converts to Christianity.
1936The year of three kings: George V dies, Edward VIII abdicates, and Prince Albert becomes George VI.
1937To Montpelier School, Paignton, Devon
1939Nazi Germany invades Poland and Britain declares war in response.
1940The Blitz begins, seeing many British cities subject to intense bombing raids.
1942Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple publishes ‘Christianity and the Social Order’, an attempt to marry Christianity and socialism.
1944Scholarship to Clifton College, Bristol
1945Second World War endsFirst visit to Iwerne houseparty (Iwerne Minster, Dorset)
Churchill’s Conservative Party loses the General Election to Clement Atlee’s Labour Party.
1947The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) is founded at Harvard University by student movements from ten different countries.
1948Agnes Headlam-Morley becomes the first woman to hold a full professorship at Oxford University.
1949The USSR tests its first atomic bomb, accelerating the already-burgeoning Cold War.Scholarship to Exeter College, Oxford to study ‘Greats’ (Classics); Became a leader at the Iwerne camps
1951Winston Churchill begins his second and final term as Prime Minister.
1952President of Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (OICCU)
1953Queen Elizabeth II crowned.Engaged to Rosemary Storr
First class honours in Greats; Start of two years National Service
1954Food rationing ends in the United Kingdom, after fourteen years.Commissioned in the Royal Artillery: Became Assistant Adjutant of 64 Regiment, R A
Billy Graham’s Greater London Crusade in the Harringay Arena sees two million attend over the course of three months.
1955Fenced for Army and Combined Services; Entered Queens’ College, Cambridge and Ridley Hall Theological College
1956Fenced for Cambridge v Oxford
1957Married Rosemary Storr
First class honours in Theology Tripos pt 3 (New Testament), and awarded University Carus Prize (New Testament); Holy Trinity, Eastbourne curacy
1958Beginnings of the house church movement, which would eventually birth church groupings such Newfrontiers, Pioneer and Ichthus.
1960Military conscription ends in the United Kingdom.Birth of Tim, followed by Sarah (1962); Jenny (1964); Jonathan (1966)
Dennis Bennett, priest at St. Marks Episcopal Church in Van Nuys, California, introduces the Charismatic Movement into the English-speaking Anglican Church for the first time.New Testament tutor at London College of Divinity
1962Coventry Cathedral, built beside the ruins of the previous structure, destroyed in the Blitz, is consecrated.
Vatican II, a three-year Council of the Roman Catholic Church, begins, leading to an array of changes and reforms within the Church.
1963“Honest to God”, by Church of England Bishop John A.T. Robinson, is published, questioning basic Christian beliefs about God.
1964Thirteen years of Conservative Government ends with Harold Wilson’s Labour Party winning the General Election.
1966Time Magazine uses it’s front cover to ask “Is God Dead?”Awarded Cambridge BD
1967Homosexual acts and abortion are both legalised in Britain.Member of the Doctrine Commission of the Church of England
First National Evangelical Anglican Congress sets a vision for future evangelical involvement in the Church of England.
1968Regent College in Vancouver is founded.Consultant at the Lambeth Conference
1969Principal of London College of Divinity, overseeing the move to St John’s College, Nottingham in 1970.
1970The Church of England Synod is established, substantially the increasing the church’s powers of self-government.Became Canon Theologian at Coventry
1972First CU mission: Cambridge University
1973The New International Version (NIV) of the Bible is first published.
Britain joins the European Communities (EC).
1974Donald Coggan becomes the first evangelical Archbishop of Canterbury of the century.
Fifth UK General Election in less than a decade sees Harold Wilson win for the fourth time.
1975Inspector Morse solves his first fictional Oxford murder.Rector of St Aldate’s, Oxford
1977Myth of God Incarnate is published,
1978Karol Wojtyla elected Pope, takes the title ‘John Paul II’.Made Canon Theologian Emeritus at Coventry
1979James Callaghan’s Labour government falls to Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative one, following the strike-ridden Winter of Discontent.
1981John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard association of churches, makes his first visit to the UK.
1982Pope John Paul II becomes the first reigning Bishop of Rome ever to visit Britain.
1985The Church of England’s “Faith in the City” report eviscerates the Thatcher government.
1987Professor of Evangelism and New Testament at Regent College, Vancouver.
1989The first New Wine summer conference takes place.
1990The Alpha Course begins to be developed into an outreach tool for the wider church.
1991George Carey becomes the second evangelical Archbishop of Canterbury of the twentieth century.
1992DD (honorary) University of Toronto; Return to UK as Archbishop’s Advisor on Evangelism with the Springboard project.
1994Women are ordained into the Church of England for the first time.
1995The Toronto Blessing, a charismatic renewal movement, sweeps through many British churches.
1996DD (earned) Lambeth; Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall.
1997Eighteen years of Conservative government ends with the election of Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ government.With Alister McGrath began apologetics and evangelism courses at Wycliffe Hall; early discussions with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.
2003Tony Blair’s press secretary says “we don’t do God”.
2005John Sentamu becomes the Church of England’s first black Archbishop.Appointed Co-Rector of Holy Trinity, Raleigh, North Carolina.
2006The God Delusion, by Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins, is published.
2007Returns to Oxford.
2008The Anglican Church in North America is initiated.Appointed Chaplain and Missioner at Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA); First FEUER conference (Schloss Mittersill).
2008-2019 Ministry in OCCA, FEUER, UCCF, and publication of a further nine books.
2010A coalition, between David Cameron’s Conservative Party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrat’s, brings thirteen years of Labour government to an end.
2014Marriage between same-sex partners becomes legal in the UK
2016Britain votes to leave the European Union.
Seventy percent of Church of England ordinands are evangelical.
2017Diamond wedding celebration.
2018Atheism in Britain falls by over two percent for the second straight year.
2019Died in Oxford.