Tributes paid to Michael

J. JohnA Fond Farewell to a Good Man – click here

“Michael led a life that was so innovative, varied and dynamic that it’s hard to summarise what he did. He was – often at the same time – vicar, evangelist, writer and theologian.”

Alister McGrathMichael Green taught me the importance of evangelism – click here

“Green’s legacy lies mainly in the lives of the many people who he advised and encouraged and who found in him a gracious and winsome Christian with a passion for his faith and a love for his Lord. ”

Simon PonsonbyA Man Ablaze – click here

“Michael Green was God’s incendiary, a fire starter, a man ablaze with the love of God and the Spirit of God, and people came to watch him burn – with a heart, mind and mouth set on fire.”

Matthew FearonRemembering the infectious joy of this exceptional evangelist – click here

“Rare for many theologians, Michael comfortably straddled the practical world of spreading the Gospel and the academic world of understanding it.”

Church TimesTributes paid to the evangelist Michael Green – click here

“Michael was a compelling and consummate evangelist, an example and model to all of the joy and energy that living and loving the gospel bring to proclaimer and listener,” Archbishop Welby said. “He served the Church locally, nationally, and internationally through his ministry of communication in speech and writing. As the Church, we are deeply grateful for his tenacious ministry.”

Diocese of Oxford – click here

The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford, said, “Michael was a giant of his generation, known and loved by many around the world and an evangelist to the last. He inspired and encouraged several generations of clergy and bishops – including me. I first heard him preach on my first Sunday as an undergraduate in St. Aldate’s over 40 years ago. Michael’s words then were: “I only have one life and I want to live it all for God” have stayed with me through the years. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.”

Ian PaulRemembering Michael Green – click here

“… I learnt from Michael’s commitment, energy (which I think might have made him difficult to live with at times), humility, and his willingness both to trust others and to see them grow into fruitful ministry for themselves – as well as his unwavering commitment to seeing people come to faith. ”

Evangelical Focus – click here